Global Demagnetization!

N ow that global warming completely out of control, Whingy relieved of concern while stocking up on ice cubes!

Whingy now sound alarm blat for new environmental catastrophobia:

Global Demagnetization!

Do you not observe your refrigerator magnets losing adhesion? Only last fortnight when Whingy selecting extra pepperoni for diet pizza does refrigerator door slamming result in Bovine Cow magnet falling to floor!

So long!

It's been good to know ya!

I fear for floppies!

Magnetic data become misconvenient untruth!

Whingy speculate Earth’s core weaken magnetosphere due to Trump presidency. So Fox almost News and Tea almost Party not be only mongers of rumor town!

Whingy now change adhering preferences to Scotchy Tape!


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~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
~ Magnets illustration by ?
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