Whingy Way Of Spoon!

Whingy is accidental Occidental master of
Spoon Healing!

Feeling low from accelerated triangulation of holiday persecutions? When acupressure cannot be productive, why not try Spoon Healing therapy?

Discovery come after lychee wine marathon induce Whingy to question purpose of existence. After stirring eighth cup of coffee next morning in quest to obstruct suicide, Whingy put spoon on side of nostril to balance wobbly head.

Overhang relief nearly instanspontaneous!

Whingy discover spoon pressure on nose side activate healing center in valley of intoxication. Soon, Whingy eating egg scrambles and making joke about bacon mustaches!

After many years expend, Whingy trial and error now reveal spoon pressure points for healing varieties in new book: “Whingy Way Of Spoon.” (Not in stores!)

Whingy soon to erect Center for Spoon Healing with drive-thru window in abandoned strip mall near you!

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
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