Whingy Unplug!

When Whingy ski down Enternet information slopes now see frequent women who enjoy life naked. But Whingy cannot beehive with pixels! Whingy need woman in clothing with personal flesh and refrigerator!

Whingy try Earpod that now make life like movie except personal movie life too boring for soundtrack excitement. Cannot decide on breakfeast cereal supermarket purchase with rapper ear blast pronouncements! On walk to Bigbucks coffee repository, cannot hear song of dump truck! Cannot hear blat of cowbird!

Whingy have portable telephonical device in pocket with skin rash radiation from crotch reception contamination. Hard talking on bus to bill collector. Frighten busgoers with screaming: “Leave Whingy alone! Whingy not have money, only credit! Paste it on plastic!” Talking many times allwhere not good. Run out of sayings! Run over street monkey!

What next?!? New Pork Philhogmonica Orchestra in shoe? Stock calculation figurings in pillow when sleep? Go to church in shower?

Whingy take nice walking with no batteries now hear music of life so sweet Whingy want no food or money for ten minute almost!

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
© All Rights Reserved