Question: What rhyme with Whingy?

Response: Springy!

In Springy, Whingy reminded of Dinghy on which he float during dangerous early escapade of many days migration to Americaland in search of cheese.

Happy homeland devoid of pasture pasteurization and Whingy suspiciously skeptical of lingering listeriosis likelihood in counterfeit Camembert crossing countryside to village vendors.

But enough of happy dietetic paranoia reminiscences!

In Springy, Whingy like to walk outside and thank sun god Zhulong for opening eyes to melt snow, bringing coastline closer to Whingy hovel for increase of real estate investment potential.

Because Zhulong is snake with human head, Whingy implore:

“No need for personal meeting of gratitude so please remain lodged on mountain because Whingy have weak digestive resistance to giant snake with human head encounter.”

For happy thought processes I now revolve to ancient Chinese poet Tu Fu (No Tofu humor jest intent!) and his scribbling of happy imaginings birthed by Spring:
On a warm Spring night
I might write
Of unicorns
Or wing’s flutterings.
So I now thank to you Zhulong for Spring warming and thank to you Tu Fu for fluttering wing wordings and now Whingy will stop writing blog typings and Sing!

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
© All Rights Reserved