Secret Plan!

O yes, secret plan is working!

While American rousers of rabble so busy debating house-of-terror mosque-type community center for pretend ping pong championships, Chinese type power-mongers raise rates of interest on United States of Infrugality, soon to cut off credit and foreclose on country.

O yes American free-spendiholics, preserve foolish manure-fueled worries of clever terrorist plan in forefront of mental storefront! O Yes! What a plan of cleverness from enemies of America, to locate secret headquarters of doom in place where no government police agent would suspect to inspect: $100 million, 13-story scraper of sky in lower Manhattan, disguising itself with obvious public location!

O yes, continue to worry that Allah worshipers have desire to destroy American country foundations while you borrow even more money from Chinese overlandlords for purchase of bigger screen TVs on which to watch butch-hair Beck Glenn rantings in high definition 3-D nose hair inspections!

Soon, Whingy will be your new MasterCard master! When you can snatch plastic money card from my hand, grasshopper, it will be time for you to charge!

O yes, secret plan is working!

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
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