Springy Time!

Yes, now it is Springy Time for Whingy!

Inauguration of lawn-shortening season create harkening backwards to thought of aging boyhood in Kowloon. It was China place Whingy mistakenly mistake for mentally ill cow sanctuary. In fact matter, Kowloon place was of many law breakings with nostrils and assorted points of bodily entry for prohibited substances.

Kowloon also place of girlfriend-renting activities which Whingy mistakenly discover after plight of pain of back compel me to initiate visit at Xing’s Happiness House. Pain in back most mysteriously vanish after narrow escape with intact virginity.

Springy Time of celebrity blats from ancient Tuba-like blowing thing Whingy cause to engage must also balance on scale of joy and sorrow with ancient scribblings of caution from Tang verse constructionist Du Fu:

Before you praise spring’s advent, note
What capers the mad wind may cut:
To cast the flowers to the waves
And overturn the fishing boat.

Whingy wish Springy joy to all and now must cease keyboard finger-pushing activities to go smash dinner plates with hammer for relaxation!