Whingy Way!

So grasshopper, now you seek to free inner bovine from consumptipation but manufacturer’s suggested retail guru does not move bowels of enlightenment?

Way of Whingy (now without suppositories) calls you to proceed!

But wait! What is Way of Whingy and where is Whishing Well of Whangism?

Stop talking already and listen!

Whingy once so self-absorbent not see flower or sky or tree in front of motorized ex-scooter! After calamity, Whingy go to heal on farm and learn to love lovely bossy cows unburdened by multitasking.

After extended cow admirations reveal path to contentmentalment, Whingy forget small self-person and suddenly see flower and sky and tree. Whingy suddenly hear music of whindy wind and leafy leaves and grassy grass and bovine low cow mumblings. Whingy whiff fragrance of alfalfa and chicken and barb wire rustings. Whingy touch spongy plantings and see bravely blade of grassling reach for heaven!

Whingy’s head exploding with sensations too many to put on memo recorder.

Whingy discover personal Whishing Well of Whangism require space of boredom and cow contemplation at farm place locale.

Buttercow biscuits!

Secret is not what, but what not! When you go to Whishing Well of Whangism, stop all everything! Then Way of Whingy must soon be calling you to Way of Whoever You Are, for in not doing you will see flower and sky and not careen motor scooter into large omnipresent tree.

Yes grasshopper, your inner bovine now is free to roam grassyland of internal imagination device and you become cow of no cow!

So, what is sound of one hoof clapping?

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
© All Rights Reserved