Gopher Broke!

Are you problem part, or solution?

Our chief economic commandeers now saying spend more money for prosperity bloom!

So forget about saving in consternation of bad weather. Here in United States of Consumption saving money make weather bad for all now!

Only big business boys who waste many quadrillions of dollars are entitled to reward from governmental buck-passers. But now, you too can waste even more money than previously sane with Whingy’s new Gopher Broke card!

Whingy invent new reverse-credit for spending all of assets prior to death and future earnings of children who are finally good for cash even without organ donations!

Almost all who have DNA and offspring accepted!

N ow, buy some costly automobiles, fur-lined fur coats, travels to exotic locales where tour guides tote machine guns. Yes, you can now eat out more often! With your Uranium Gopher Broke card, you may even charge ransom!

So remember, since Greatest Depression is right around intersection, why bother saving money?

Stop squirreling away! Gopher Broke today!

~ Whingy Illustration by Henrik Drescher
~ Gopher Broke card by Russ Allison Loar
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